2003: A banner year for Shuttle

This year saw the company increase its SFF technology and market dominance. From solid motherboard sales to the release of dozens of XPC's and XPC Accessories, Shuttle has delivered an impressive performance. Here's a short summary of some of the products and events that helped make 2003 one of the company's best years ever:

New products
XPC SN41G2 — world's first NVIDIA nForce2-based SFF
XPC SB61G2 — world's first Intel 865-based SFF
XPC SB75G2 — world's first Intel 875-based SFF
XPC SN85G4 — world's first NVIDIA nForce 3 150-based SFF
XPC ST61G4 — world's first RADEON 9100IGP-based SFF

"Product of the Year" awards

Shuttle won dozens of awards for product quality, design and performance in 2003. We've listed five "Product of the year" awards below for your immediate gratification. However, a more-complete listing of Shuttle product review and awards listing can be found here,(http://www.shuttle.com/hq/award/award.asp).

"Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that Shuttle has been chosen as the Tom’s Hardware Guide Readers’ Choice Award winner for 'Best Innovation mini-PC' for the Shuttle XPC. Shuttle won this category with 53.19 percent of the vote!" — Tom's Hardware

Events 2003

Starting with the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the premier international showcase for the who, what, where and why of the consumer technology industry, Shuttle pioneered a new level of style, interactivity and creativity during 2003's major trade and gaming shows.

CES 2003 — Shuttle stunned the IT industry with the release of the world’s first nForce™2-based small form factor (SFF) computer, the XPC SN41G2 during CES this year. Displaying the SN41G2 and other breakthrough XPC's in fantastic style, Shuttle held a series of cool interactive competitions and gaming demonstrations to the delight of all who attended.

CeBIT 2003 — Displaying our first in a series of three tremendously successful Network Appliance XPC's, CeBIT introduced the SB52G2 and a cool range of supporting XPC Accessories. Displayed in possibly CeBIT most imaginative booth, CeBIT set the stage for coming Shuttle events.

Computex 2003 —This year's show was a series of industry firsts. Shuttle released eight products, including the World’s first Athlon™ 64 based SFF computer and Intel® 875-based SFF computers, But the crowning moment — our 20th Anniversary as a leading producer of computer products.

About Shuttle

Founded in 1983, Shuttle Inc. (TAIEX 2405) is the world’s leading manufacturer of Small Form Factor (SFF) Computers, so far, Shuttle’s hardware product development has extended to slim PCs, AIO PCs, Notebooks and Tablets for home, business and vertical applications as Digital Signage, POI/POS and Kiosk.To answer the trends of IoT and cloud applications, Shuttle started to build up its software and integration R&D capabilities since 2011 and launched numerous of smart solutions for Face Recognition, Education, Home Automation and Long-term Care applications.

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