Shuttle announced the first Slate-Tablet Product Category Rules


Shuttle Inc., the designer and manufacturer of Notebook and Tablet PC today announced its involvement in the development of Slate-Tablet Product Category Rules (Slate-Tablet PC Product-Category Rules;Slate-Tablet PCR). This Slate-Tablet PCR was jointly prepared by Shuttle Inc. alongside Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation, establishing the first environmentally friendly standard for Slate-Tablet PCs. 

“There are more and more “green” products than ever before, and we take great pride in being the leading manufacturer of “green” IT products, which is why we partnered with the Taiwan Productivity Foundation to not only create solutions but set the standard.” says David Chen CEO Shuttle Inc. .“In 2012 and beyond, Shuttle will continue on with its commitment to building and creating more energy efficient, and unique eco-friendly solutions.” 

Shuttle Slate-Tablet PCR discloses the environmental impact and carbon footprint generated during the life cycle of a slate-tablet PC that covers the stages of raw material acquisition, product manufacturing, use and end-of-life. This PCR will be reference for the other manufacturers who decide to implement environmental management systems, e.g. Environmental Product Declaration(EPD) and Carbon Footprint(PAS 2050). The third party verification will hereby follow the Shuttle PCR criteria.

For further information and comments concerning this PCR, please contact: Shuttle Inc.:Safety Dept. Section Vice-Manager Money Chien (

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