Shuttle OMNINAS“KD20” received the “Gold” award from HWT.DK


HWT.DK, Denmark Hardware Test Portal, is one of the Nordic NAS test experts, while quite familiar with network storage device (NAS). The Shuttle’s Omninas KD20 wins the product of the year “Gold” award after view of its innovation, bundle, design, software, performance and price.

“The Shuttle Omninas KD20 must be the personal cloud/could for your multimedia such as movies, photos and music and documents that need to be accessed from your computers or anywhere in the world by your Android phone or iOS phone.” KD20 is a 2-bay designed NAS and featured a unique one button hot-swap function. “KD20 is a really good bet for a NAS for a first time buyer, the setup is simple and straightforward , and there is good backup and security solution.”

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