Shuttle XH61V Slim PC received positive review from Akihabara News


Shuttle XH61V slim PC received positive review from Akihabara News. Akihabara News, based in Tokyo, is one of the first pioneer in the world of weblog. Today, the blog is considered by other publication as a part of the 50 most influential companies/ personalities in the IT world. Akihabara News team is ideally placed to bring readers the latest High-Tech news.

“The Shuttle Slim-PC XH61V is an ideal basis of a slim-line PC not only for the home user wanting to setup a small but powerful HTPC, but also the enterprise or industrial environment. “According to Akihabara’s review, “Even on built-in graphics and the SATA-II speed limit, Shuttle managed to make a very solid performing product. The XH61V does make an excellent POS or KIOSK device. Trustworthy hardware is key in this sector and this little box was saturated with reliability, even after our 24h rendering tests. Another part of the potential sales will be home users like you &me. The looks of XH61V is really a class act on its own, performance wise this device will make most beefy HTPC’s bite the dust.” Also, one more thing that reviewer mentioned about noise testing is produced almost zero noise. “This system is pretty straightforward, cooling provided at the side by 2 very slim fans. They give a bit of a whizzy sound comparable with a notebook’s cooling that kicked in, yet a tad more silent.”

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