Shuttle’s OMNINAS KD20 NAS wins “Recommend Award” from Noticias 3D


Noticias 3D, one of the biggest IT sites in Spain, has endorsed the brand-new Shuttle’s OMNINAS KD20 with their “Recommended Award”. Established in 2000, Noticias 3D is a website founded by four young students passionate about the world of the hardware. Since now Noticias 3D is dedicated to publishing news from the world of technology and the Internet, in addition to publishing the articles, always tried to maintain an objective viewpoint as possible, thus spreading knowledge on hardware as many people.

According to Noticias 3D reviewer” Shuttle has brought a self-made NAS has a simple configuration and firmware easy, ideal for homes and small business and offices. With OMNINAS KD20, not only have media server, download, files, media, etc., but we have scheduled backup services, USB 3.0, can install two hard drives, and myriad of options worth discovering. Also, it can be operated from a device with Android or iOS and will be right from where we can access all shared content in KD20 and configure the basics. The shuttle OMNINAS KD20 has very attractive price to be a NAS. We grant n3D Recommended Award.”

Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 design with solid, stylish and low power consumption, featured two hot-swappable drive bays for up to and from two 4TB 3.5” hard disks and SSDs for a total capacity of 8TB. Drives can operate in RAID-1 mode (mirroring, for high data security), RAID-0(Striping, for maximum speed) or as JBOD. The KD20 uses an energy-saving dual-core processor, which enables rapid read/write data transfer. Speeds of 75/55 MB/s (read/write) have been achieved under optimal test conditions. Energy consumption is a miserly 9W in sleep mode and just 15.5W in operation.

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