Shuttle’s OMNINAS KD20 (NAS) received Positive review from


HEXUS. net is the UK’s number one independent technology news and reviews website. Founded in 1998, HEXUS has stayed true to its roots and continues to provide the highest quality content aimed at technology influencers. The Shuttle’s OMNINAS KD20 received positive review from Hexus.

“Attractively designed with sufficient performance, this solution covers most of the basics for the home or small-office users. RAID 1 redundancy, scheduled backups and built-in media server make it adept at tackling two primary NAS functions; securing data and sharing content with multiple uses.” said Parm Mann, the editor of He also showed his appreciation for KD20’s friendly interface and energy-saving design. “Shuttle’s simple-to-navigate interface and the ultra-low power consumption is a real plus point for user’s conscious of all-day running costs.” Shuttle’s OMNINAS KD20 offers the attractive price and ease of use design even if you are new to network-attached storage; you will find it easy to use. Also, “the built-in personal could make it easy to gain remote access by configuring a sub-domain of, and there are simple apps available for Android and iOS, giving most users the ability to view content from their smart phone or tablet device.”

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