CHIP Online recommends XPC nano for its compact design and performance


CHIP has established itself as one of the world’s most prominent media with presence in more than 15 countries worldwide. CHIP Online, one of the famous online technology review site in Turkey gives Shuttle NC01U3 a 4 out of 5 star. The NC02U3 is recommended for its compact design and good performance.

The reviewer states,” those who are looking for a PC that can be used in the office for everyday computer needs at home can easily choose the XPC Nano NC01U3.” The XPC nano is compact and space-saving device. There is a stand in the box and also a VESA kit. So whether users want to place this device vertically on your desk, or if you want, you can mount it behind your monitor.

“XPC Nano is a suitable solution for home users, those who want to do daily work on computer, as well as office users. With its compact dimensions and stable operation, this small device that you can forget when you connect the monitor has a talented technical staff,” praised by CHIP Online editor. Additionally, he mentioned on this model providing alternative option. “Of course, this device also has Core i3 and Core i7 processors. If you want higher performance than NC01U3, you can look at them. There are also examples with Android.” 

+ Compact design
+ Successful performance
+ 802.11ac and Gigabit Ethernet
+ Nice price

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