Funky Kit nominates Shuttle NC02U5 “Editor’s Choice” award


The XPC nano NC02U5 made by Shuttle is gaining global recognition as a portable mini PC fit for Digital signage, POS, office or even multimedia. Funky Kit, the world’s fastest growing tech site across USA, Europe and Asia, has awards Shuttle’s NC02U5 with “Editor’s Choice”.

“ When you factor in that the NC02U5 can plat 4K content and has the Skylake i5-6200U processor this little beast seems to pack quite some punch!” states Funky Kit’s Wing Lui.
“As a small office PC, the NC02U5 cuts throw tasks easily, but many users will look to pair a NC02U5 with their home entertainment, and it doesn’t disappoint with its lag free 4K output. Its actually light enough to mount onto the back of a flat panel television, but wouldn’t look out of place along any high-end entertainment system,” praised by the editor of Funky Kit.

Also, the reviewer mentioned on this model with a serial port (RS232) design for vertical applications. “….., it does offer commercial/industrial users even more options with this virtually silent and cool-running NC02U5. Drawing a maximum of 65W of power, you can just leave the NC02U5 switched on all the time.”

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