Shuttle Sets the 15th Great Landmark in PC History


It’s the 25th year since the first IBM PC announced in 1981. PCWORLD.COM picked out the 25 greatest PCs during the time. The remarkable PCs have been selected to represent the best milestone in each year. Shuttle XPC SV24 was ranked as the 15th greatest PC, which introduced in 2001, was the only one Taiwan brand, enjoying the equal fame with global brands, such as IBM, Apple, Compaq, Xerox, Sony, Toshiba, and Hewlett-Packard.

PCWORLD.COM arrayed of winning qualities into four factors, which are innovation, impact, industrial design, and intangibles. In 2001, the PC was all about the big beige box, Shuttle SV24 barebone was introduced with a toaster-size design for do-it-yourselfers that would push the limits of how much you could pack into a tight space. Until now, Shuttle is still the leading brand among miniPCs.

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