Shuttle Receives Good Design Award


Shuttle was recently proud to receive a "Good Design Award" in recognition of its groundbreaking product, the XP17 TempAG flat panel display. Established almost 50 years ago with the help of the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Good Design Awards system has the purpose of "selecting and publicizing awards for good design.... in order to improve lives, foster industrial development, and promote export and trade by enhancing the quality of the products on the market."

The XP 17 TempAG won recognition from the judges for its aesthetically superior, user-friendly design, and for its utilization of modern materials and manufacturing techniques (scratch-resistant protective glass, durable lightweight aluminum frame, and anti-glare covering) to make a unique, portable flat panel display that is the perfect complement to Shuttle’s range of XPC small form factor computers.

Having received a "Good Design Award" Shuttle now has the honor of attaching the highly regarded G-Mark to its product. This distinctive icon serves for many consumers as a guide towards quality, performance and reliability.

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