SFF Tech Gives 300W Silent X PSU Recommended Product Award


Leading small form factor enthusiast web site, SFF Tech, has reviewed the PC50 300W Silent X PSU, Shuttle’s newest XPC Accessory. Designed to replace the standard XPC power supply, the PC50 produces up to 100W more than standard models. This extra power allows power-users to load their XPC systems with even more high performance components such as dual core CPUs, high-speed graphics cards, and large capacity SATA hard disk drives. The PC50 with its optimized design also offers improved stability for overclockers as they push their XPC systems to the limits.

Mainstream users can also benefit from upgrading with the PC50. Taking advantage of the advances Shuttle has made in its Silent X technology, the PC50 generates less noise than previous generation models.

In their conclusion before giving the PC50 a “Recommended Product Award” SFF Tech said, “[T]he PC50 appears to live up to all the expectations. If you are looking for more power or a quieter computer, or both, the PC50 fits the bill.”

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