XPC Accessories CR40 Earns the Competition


The CR40 is a high performance DVD±RW made for Shuttle’s range of XPC barebone PCs. Available in 3 colors - black, white and silver - that match seamlessly with the face plates of the XPC chassis, the CR40 is the perfect solution for those needing to add an optical drive to their XPC, but also want to retain its great looks.

However, the CR40 doesn't just content itself with looking good. In keeping with Shuttle's aim of delivering exceptional ergonomics and style without compromising performance, the CR40 is also technically advanced. In a recent group test conducted by respected German IT-magazine Computerbild, the CR40 came second out of the twelve models tested, and ranked third place on the overall Top 5 hardware list.

“The CR40 is very fast and the quality of the burned DVDs was very good. Brilliant.”

This isn't the first time that the CR40 has won accolades from reviewers. In December Club Overclocker said, “The Shuttle CR40 does exactly what it is supposed to do and it does it smoothly and with style” when they awarded it their coveted “Recommended” badge.

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