The Inquirer looks at the XP17 TempAG - Likes what it sees

Avoiding sophisticated benchmarks and technical measurements in its reviews the Inquirer simply puts products to real-life use. This hands-on approach gives readers an accurate impression of how a product is going to perform in everyday tasks. If the Inquirer is impressed with a product such as the XP17 TempAG, it follows that end-users will be too.

"The essential package remains the same,” said reviewer, Fudo, referring to the XP17’s 1280x1024 native resolution, DVI and VGA support, and its “really cool” ability to rotate through 90 degrees.

Traditional LCDs have inferior performance when displaying moving images so the reviewer was eager to see if the high-speed 8ms response time of the XP17 TempAG would solve this issue. “I focused on games,” he explained, “and I was not disappointed... I haven’t experienced any significant difference compared to playing on a CRT.”

“[T]his display has razor edge sharp picture quality and will also be good for watching movies and playing games.”

The XP17’s award-winning visual style was a hit too, “It will look good paired with Shuttle XPCs... [and] if you are into design, I have to say that this display will look great in your house or office.”

The final conclusion was that the added features represent a successful evolution of the XP17 design. “We liked the XP17 and we indeed like the XP17 TempAG.”

Shuttle is continuing to show its determination to repeat history, bringing innovation and industry-changing design to new and exciting markets. Further details of the XP17 TempAG and other display products planned by Shuttle will be released during Computex 2005.

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