XPC SB77G5: Must have hardware

HardOCP, the web’s premier daily read for hard-hitting hardware run-downs and news, has benchmarked the new XPCSB77G5. The good news is the SB77G5 put on a stellar show, outperforming newer 925X based systems in multiple benchmarks. The great news is that HardOCP thinks this system is so good, they awarded it their prestigious "Must Have Hardware" award.

"Shuttle seems to have another winner on their hands with the SB77G5," revealed reviewer Morry Teitelman. "The performance, looks, and overall functioning of this unit definitely make for a stellar combination."
Under the hood sits another stellar combination: the i875 chipset with LGA775 processor support. Not only does this combo deliver excellent system performance, it provides unparalleled system stability and longevity. Also, this machine supports readily available 8X AGP cards, dual-channel DRR 400 and Serial ATA with RAID (0, 1).

"Using no more than the provided ICE cooling system, we were able to get the system stable at a maximum Front Side Bus of 250MHz," gushed Teitelman, referring to the system’s excellent overclocking capabilities. "Overclocking on this i875 board is simply a world of difference compared to the newer Intel chipsets."

"The Shuttle SB77G5 brings the best of many worlds together. The strength and stability of the tried and true i875 chipset is present along with the HyperThreading multitasking smoothness that has become our most likeable exclusive feature of the Pentium 4 line of processor. Combine this with a new socket 775 CPU, which are fairly inexpensive now, and you can have you a very nice setup that will travel from your living room to LAN game with ease. This SB77G5 will surely be put to use in the HardOCP Underground Bunker."

Check out this ultra stable, ultra powerful XPC at a "Powered by Shuttle" dealer near you.

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