XPC SB77G5: Tweaked and refined for exceptional stability, reliability

The Tech Report, the IT professionals’ source of fresh news and reviews with a unique brand of clear-headed analysis, has run the new XPC SB77G5 through rigorous benchmarks and to-the-edge overclocking.

“[T]he SB77G5's sleek, refined chassis and relatively inexpensive price tag have universal appeal,” applauded reviewer Geoff Gasior. “Based on the results of our testing, it's safe to say that Intel fanboys looking to crank up the front-side bus on an LGA775 Pentium 4 processor will be well-served by the SB77G5, which isn't encumbered by the anti-overclocking measures that Intel has built into its 900-series chipsets.”
Based on the Intel 875P—the IT professionals’ chipset of choice—the SB77G5 supports readily available 8X AGP cards, dual-channel DRR 400 memory and Serial ATA with RAID (0, 1). Given the proven reliability of this hardware setup, the SB77G5 would make an excellent workstation, gaming rig or even mini-file server.

“Those familiar with the Pentium 4's generally excellent video-encoding performance might … consider the SB77G5 for home theater applications,” said Gasior. “Given the wide availability of AGP graphics cards with on-board TV tuners, the SB775G5 seems like a perfect candidate.”

Moreover, Shuttle is currently offering five “3.8GHz and beyond” Pentium 4 LGA 775-compatible XPC’s. Whatever your budget and performance needs, we have you covered:

Designed from the ground up to handle “3.8GHz and beyond processors,” these über-engineered XPC’s offer superior performance while remaining “Super Quiet, Super Cool.” Shuttle’s proprietary Silent X technologies—industry-best fourth-generation (4G) Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE), Silent X power supplies (up to 350W) and intelligently-engineered airflow dynamics—give you the power choose the processor that best suits your needs.

Check out this ultra stable, ultra powerful XPC at a “Powered by Shuttle” dealer near you.

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