XPC SB81P — Drool with Envy!


Gamers-Depot, the hot online destination for hardware enthusiasts and gamers alike, salivated at sight of the new XPC SB81P. After running this gorgeous piece of hardware though a grueling set of benchmarks, they awarded it their prized “Drool Award.”

“Overall performance of the SB81P is rock-solid—its design, looks and functionality are top-shelf,” enthused reviewer Duane Pemberton. “Pound for pound, feature for feature this is hands-down the finest Small Form Factor barebone setup we’ve seen.”
At the core of the SB81P resides Intel's new 915G + ICH6-R chipset. Support for wicked-fast LGA775 CPUs, Serial ATA with RAID, dual-channel DDR 400 memory and x16 PCI Express graphics cards, this machine has the power to knock down even the fastest desktop towers.

“Shuttle’s uncompromising commitment to building best-of-class [kit] shows in the fit and finish, as well as the performance of games, system apps and daily use,” continued Pemberton. “[This] should be on any gamer’s list if they’re looking for a LGA775-based Small Form Factor PC.”

The SB81P is available for order now. “Make your buddies … drool with envy” and get one today.

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