Windows Middle East names XPC the ‘Best computer’


top 100 products for 2004. Included this list is the Shuttle XPC, the only SFF computer brand to capture the attention of professional buyers and consumers in region.

“With user’s all over the Middle East clamoring for convergence, that is a PC that is small, quiet and powerful … many people’s money is on Shuttle,” commented Windows ME. “Shuttle’s usual economical design … has practically defined the mini-PC format.”
Having produced the first commercially successful SFF computer, Shuttle’s XPC product line has redefined the way people think about computers. For instance, the XPC SB81P introduced in June 2004 is highly renowned as the best Intel® LGA775 supporting computer on the market today.

The XPC is the world’s premier SFF brand capturing the hearts and minds of computer enthusiasts everywhere. Get the best, play the best — The Shuttle XPC!

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