Hankering for the ultimate Athlon 64 platform?


Hexus, UK’s answer to Anandtech (as their website points out), has discovered the advantages of Shuttle’s latest Athlon™64 SFF computer, the XPC SN95G5. The folks at Hexus were completely blown away by the performance of this little demon, so impressed they awarded it an exceptional nine out of 10.

“The SN95G5, with FX-53 and memory at 2-2-2-6, eclipses the K8T Gem-based system,” exclaimed Hexus reviewer Ryszard. Better still, this machine delivers “performance in spades [with] a feature set to rival almost any other XPC.”
Based on NVIDIA’s nForce™3 250 ultra chipset, this top-of-the-line XPC features a wicked fast 2000MT/s HyperTransport enhanced system bus. Further, this model comes with dual-channel DDR400 memory support, serial ATA with RAID (0, 1, JBOD) and a host of performance enhancing BIOS options.

“It's a comprehensive BIOS that does everything right, allowing the SN95G5's owner to setup and tweak the settings to his or her's heart's content,” praised Ryszard. “There's plenty for the enthusiast to get stuck into too, with multiplier support that works, generous voltage ranges and adjustment of everything important for performance.”

If you want the ultimate AMD Athlon™64 platform, you can’t beat the XPC SN95G5! Get one today through your local retailer or online reseller. Click here for more details.

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