How tough is your monitor?


The boys and girls at Tom’s Hardware have subjected Shuttle’s XP17 flat panel display to the ultimate torture test — they shot it (16.6MB download) and not just once. Despite dozens of rounds our super rugged flat panel monitor functioned just fine and picture quality was still picture perfect.

Further, the world’s leading computer hardware publication has posted a review of first-ever display built for Shuttle’s industry-leading small form factor XPC:
“[I]f you … want a high-performance, all-terrain monitor … the XP17 is for you,” reviewer Benoît Dupont. “Shuttle has chosen its target well and the product suits it.”

With its single-piece, integrated handle and frame, plus the durable beauty of the tempered glass panel, the XP17 delivers style and performance. Reviewers the world over have praised the XP17 for its excellent color reproduction, as well as its ruggedness.

Further, because the XP17 was designed for mobility, Shuttle offers an optional shoulder bag, the PF50. Form fitting and including a thick protective pad, this bag is an affordable and stylish way to take your XP17 flat panel monitor to wherever work or play finds you.

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