XPC G2 7500M: The complete home entertainment package


CNET, the largest online computer news, review and purchasing guide, with over 63 million unique users monthly, has benchmarked the fully integrated XPC G2 7500. Set for release on the 30th of April, this advanced small form factor (SFF) computer perfectly integrates the fastest components into one slick and stylish home media center.

"We saw outstanding performance on our benchmarks, with the XPC G2 7500M posting the fastest scores we’ve seen for a Media Center-based PC," revealed CNET reviewer, Rich Brown. "[I]t is easy to recommend this compact, high-performance PC to portability-minded gamers, as well as to those looking to integrate a PC with their home-theater components."
Based on the high-performance Shuttle XPC SB75G2, the XPC G2 7500 ships with the fastest components and has been finely-tuned for wicked-fast performance. With 1GB of DDR 400MHz memory, 200GB hard drive, 4X DVD±R drive, and AverMedia TV tuner, the XPC G2 7500M features the best components integrated inside the stylish G2 case.

Fast components produce more heat than can be dissipated by some SFF computers said Rich Brown. "But, thanks to a unique convection-cooling heat sink (ICE technology) on the 3.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU, Shuttle is able to use this high-end processor and the power-hungry ATI Radeon 9800XT graphics card." Better still, powered by the Silent X 250W PSU, the XPC G2 7500 stays "Super Cool, Super Quiet" whether the user is recording TV for playback later and playing the latest high-end, performance-intensive game.

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