Not all SFF’s are created equal


Last month PC World discovered how cool Shuttle XPC's really are. This month they discovered how much better they are compared to other company's so-called 'mini-PCs'.

"I must say I have an even greater appreciation for the engineering wizardry that went into the Shuttle XPC," exclaimed Tom. "It turns out, not everything that’s small is created equal."
Not only is the XPC 40-percent smaller than the "chunky" Antec, it takes about half the time to get one up and running. Mainelli notes how he had to fight with the power supply cables, poorly positioned mounting brackets and the constant need to remove the motherboard in order to get the Antec system together.

"Look at all that room to move, I thought. Installation will be a snap," stated Mr Mainalli. "Well not quite. In fact, every time I fought through the mess of power cables, realigned the ports and screwed the motherboard back into the chassis, I realized that I would have to take it out again."
Shuttle XPC’s come as complete barebone packages. Preinstalled motherboard, CPU and drive cables make the system a treat to setup and install. Average hardware installation takes just ten minutes for a first time user, though professionals have been know to get these systems up and running in less than three. Discover the simplicity of Shuttle’s advanced SFF technology today.

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