Shuttle XPC SB75G2 tops Futuremark


The Futuremark community, an enthusiast society dedicated to driving 3D graphic performance and development, have collectively posted their fastest scores for the industry-standard benchmarking software 3Dmark03. The top of this list is the Shuttle XPC SB75G2 with a score of 10399 3Dmarks.

Futuremark member and Shuttle small form factor devotee "Mavis" equipped his record-breaking XPC with some seriously powerful hardware — an IntelR PentiumR 4 overclocked to 3.5GHz, 1GB of DDR400 Ram and an ATI RADEON X800 Pro.
Here’s a quote from an forum post from da man himself, "I’m up to 551MHz core, and 562MHz memory — that’s with stock cooling [ICE], no volt mods, and in my SB75G2 - no artifacts or anything like that - works GREAT! I’m up to 10344 in 3DMark2003, that’s up from 5102 with my 9700 Pro!! But, 550/560 with stock cooling is good ... for me!"

With dozens of glowing reviews and tens of thousands of satisfied users worldwide, including Schroet Kommando, the world’s No 1 professional computer gaming team, the Intel Canterwood-based XPC SB75G2 is world’s best-selling, high-performance small form factor computer. Visit your local Shuttle-authorized dealer and find out for yourself why professionals prefer the SB75G2.

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