Shuttle SG33G5M awarded the 2007 Computer DIY Flagship Model


Reported on Computer DIY’s 123rd edition, the Shuttle’s D’VO series SG33G5M was awarded the flagship model of 2007 by the well-known PC magazine.

“With just the remote control you can easily access Shuttle SG33G4M Deluxe with Vista’s built-in MCE you can create your own digital home theater, with integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, IEEE 1394, HDMI and biometric fingerprint scanner this is a feature packed model.” said Editor Zhang Yu Wen.

Shuttle aimed to create the best multimedia platform, with the launch of D’VO series. With the recognition from this award, we are certain the Shuttle D’VO will capture the hearts of many home theatre enthusiasts.

Source: Computer DIY Magazine No. 123, page 188-189.

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