Shuttle Prima SX48P2 E Gains Sudhian 8.2 Rating and SFF Tech Recommend Product Award


Sudhian website, USA, has given an 8.2 rating to the Shuttle XPC Prima SX48P2 E. "I love this box. Able to work with Intel Core 2 CPUs from low-end to high-end, and either one or two video cards and up to 8 GB of DDR2, this can be an entry-level workstation or a cutting-edge screaming machine."

The reviewer praises, "...the Shuttle SX48P2-E is a delight to work with. Excluding a touch of stress getting the inner PCIE slot populated, it was the smoothest build that I've had the pleasure to undertake. Everything fit together perfectly, and all software installed and ran without a hitch. "

Ease of build: 9
Performance: 8
Aesthetics: 8
Noise level: 7
Features: 9
Overall: 8.2/out of 10

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